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In this Timeline people mostly like to spend their lonely time by playing games on pc/laptops or in mobiles, previously there was much difficulties for a person to play any type of game, in order to play any type of game one must use to have TV/play station or laptop or pc which should be highly configured but in this era of time mostly people are saving their money by playing games in the mobile phones(smart phones), Mostly the games which we play on the laptop or pc must have to be installed on the hard drive which takes the memory but to over come from that memory problem game developers invented the flash games which helps us to play instantly, with the help of internet we can easily able to play flash games without any memory consumption, later after few years there was another portal was invented which is well known as the Friv.


So for all of us here comes the question what is friv?

How it is helpful to play games online?

What is friv?

Friv is an portal which helps us to play flash games online, there are many versions released by the friv developers few of them are friv 1, friv2, friv3 and many more, This friv portal helps us to play various number of games such as adventures, shooting, mortal combat, flying, hunting and many more. It also supports 3d games, one should wear 3d glasses to enjoy the 3d view.

The main aim of this friv portal developers is to provide the quality games with less memory consumption.



The person who loves to play games and save his time can use the portal as time savvier, in order to install any game in any piece of technology one should have to get their devices to certain level of configurations , even though after installing games there is high risk of virus attacks from the installed files so in order to protect themselves from such vulnerability one can use friv as there option and enjoy the gaming.

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