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An escape room is actually a kind of physical puzzle game. In this, the players are locked inside a room or a particular area. They need to use the hints that are hidden within the room to solve the puzzle given within a stipulated time. The various elements of the room hide the secret hints within them. The games are usually set up in different fictional locations that can add to the adventure like-

  • Prison cells
  • Dungeons
  • Space stations


There is a popular video game named ‘escape the room’. These games are actually the physical version of these games. First such room was created in 2006. Since then these rooms have become popular in countries like Japan, Taiwan, Canada, United States, Israel.

The real life escape game is usually played by up to 12 players at a time. They need to beat the clock and try and escape from the room within an hour or the stipulated fixed time. For this, they need to work together as a team to collect all the clues available in the room to solve the given puzzle. Some clues might be easy while others might be difficult. There is no special skill required to play the game. What you need to win the game is a good team spirit. If the players-

  • Communicate effectively
  • Divide their work
  • Cooperate with each other
  • Search the room well


They can easily unlock the door within the fixed time. This is the reason the game is popularly used by the corporate organizations as a team building exercise.

If the players are successful in solving the puzzle, they find their way out themselves. In case they cannot solve the puzzle, they are led out of the room once the time gets over.


One game that is making everyone crazy, that everyone is raving about is the new Pokèmon go. If I tell you that two people fell off a cliff while playing the game, Or that an average American is spending around 45 minutes every day playing it or better yet, Facebook is earning approximately 16 lac per day with it, you will know we are having serious talks here. Welcome to a complete Pokemon go guide!

  • The first little character that you need to choose at the beginning of the game is a Pokèmon trainer that needs to gain points with the advancement of the game to increase its levels.
  • Catching a Pokèmon-

You can choose either of the three pokèmons- Bulbasaur, Charmander or squirtle. If you ignore these three for the first few times you get to capture a fourth one, a Pikachu.


  • Finding a Pokèmon-

You need to look for the pokèmons hiding nearby you. Clicking the menu button shows you upto 9 pokèmons hiding around you. On the menu, the one that is shown on the top left is supposed to be closest you and the one shown on the bottom right is really far.

  • To throw a Pokèball-

To catch a pokèmon, you need to throw a ball at them. You need to be very particular to hit at them straight. When you press a pokèball, you can see a ring around the pokèmon. A red ring means it is difficult to catch while the green ring means its easier to catch that one.


  • Pokèstops-

It is based on another popular game called Ingress. It uses a GPS. In this, the players have to move around and explore the nearby places and reach the real life landmarks, that are marked as Pokèstops in the app. They are marked with a floating blue cube in the map of the game. If you tap at them, you can get more information about the place. You can also collect items from the stop if you are close enough to it.

In this game, the more the better. When you catch a pokèmon, you receive stardust and candy which help give pokèmon more power and he is evolved.

An addictive game, the more you play, the more you get to know about their nuances. So go Catch them all!


In this Timeline people mostly like to spend their lonely time by playing games on pc/laptops or in mobiles, previously there was much difficulties for a person to play any type of game, in order to play any type of game one must use to have TV/play station or laptop or pc which should be highly configured but in this era of time mostly people are saving their money by playing games in the mobile phones(smart phones), Mostly the games which we play on the laptop or pc must have to be installed on the hard drive which takes the memory but to over come from that memory problem game developers invented the flash games which helps us to play instantly, with the help of internet we can easily able to play flash games without any memory consumption, later after few years there was another portal was invented which is well known as the Friv.


So for all of us here comes the question what is friv?

How it is helpful to play games online?

What is friv?

Friv is an portal which helps us to play flash games online, there are many versions released by the friv developers few of them are friv 1, friv2, friv3 and many more, This friv portal helps us to play various number of games such as adventures, shooting, mortal combat, flying, hunting and many more. It also supports 3d games, one should wear 3d glasses to enjoy the 3d view.

The main aim of this friv portal developers is to provide the quality games with less memory consumption.



The person who loves to play games and save his time can use the portal as time savvier, in order to install any game in any piece of technology one should have to get their devices to certain level of configurations , even though after installing games there is high risk of virus attacks from the installed files so in order to protect themselves from such vulnerability one can use friv as there option and enjoy the gaming.


With technology advancing for the entertainment of the masses, there are now tons of games to be played that is both fun and addicting. Whether online or offline, simulation or logic, anyone will find whatever they want as their source for entertainment when boredom strikes, or they just want to de-stress themselves from a dreary day. With online games now booming, there is one game that everyone know and loves, and that’s League of Legends.

League of Legends is an online platform wherein you get to battle with millions of players all over the world. It’s slowly becoming addicting, and that certainly isn’t the worst thing! It can be installed in any PC, whether you’re using a desktop computer or laptop. From teenagers to adults, you’ll find or know at least one person that’s hooked to the game. What’s great is that you’re able to do it anytime and anywhere, so long as you have a stable Internet connection and good laptop with you!


You would often find them playing in computer shops or in cafes with their laptops. You would even see local competitions being played amongst groups of people, battling their way through and creating a name for themselves.

There are different types of LOL players you would encounter when playing the game, most of them good, some of them bad, but a lot of them just making their way to level ups and becoming champion. You get to interact with a number of people around, and not just through battling. You get to chat with them too, making new friends and building relationships. You are able to create teams and battle with others, gaining a reputation for yourself along the way.

If you’re interested in getting the game yourself, the process is simple. All you need to do is visit the official website of League of Legends and install the game. Register through signing up online, and once the game is downloaded, you’re good to go! Follow the tutorial, make new friends, start out by practicing with bots and make your way to the top.


You’ll be starting from the bottom, but if you want to go to the top and get a rank without having to go through all those battles, you can buy LOL account online or from other players. It may take a bit of money, but it’s a quick and easy way to get to the top and battle with the big league without going through all those other easy battles.

Take a quick search, and you are able to find hundreds of websites that sell or can even buy a LOL account, if you choose to sell your own! Remember to choose reputable players and online stores before making your purchase. Start the fun with League of Legends and make your account now!


This popular game is not only popular all by itself, but at the same time it gives the opportunity to the players to become popular and gain prominence in the online world amongst their friends and competitors. The moviestarplanet is a game that is meant to bring people close to the glamour world, which every individual desires for. And this is possible through the features that are entailed in this social website cum gaming zone.

The amazing features!

The glittering features of the game include the following;

  • The game allows you to become a star, and that’s possible while you adapt the character of your favourite movie star and work on them to gain popularity.
  • When you play, you get to dress up your favourite star, design for them different hairstyles, direct their movies and make an inauguration on a grand level.



  • They provide the gamers a safe gaming experience, where no unauthorized use of the personal information entered by the gamers is done.
  • The platform where you play the moviestarplanet is the most perfect for the 8-15 years of age group. The mom and dads do not have to worry about the access to the unknown sources on the internet.

Hacks are useful!

To hack a game is like opting for the smarter way to get successful in the game. And for this reason, msp has launched its moviestarplanet hack tool. This particular tool helps you attain the star coins and the gems through which you could proceed to a level higher in the game. The star coins are one source that assist you in buying new movie characters, furthermore you could buy new dresses, hair styling tools, and also other accessories like home decoration items etc. to direct a movie that excels in its work.

This social interactive fancy website is meant to bring the gamers closer to the glamour world. And the moviestarplanet hack tool ads to the advantage, where it gives the gamers an opportunity to proceed in the game with a pace that’s completely unbeatable.


What makes hack tool more exciting?

While you use the hack tool, the gaming fun intensifies, and through this you could make a better move in the following activities;

  • Make friends that add to the fun and chat with them to increase your popularity online.
  • Embellish your room and give it a more magnificent look.
  • Take good care of the animal that you own
  • Create movies and make them viral
  • Design clothes for your movie stars

This is how you can add more fun and adventure to your gaming experience.


Movie watching can be a great pastime. With absolutely countless movies on the planet, you are the one to choose to watch anything you like. So thinking on how to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with nothing much to do? Or waiting for hours at the airport to catch a flight? Movies can be the perfect option then. Fetching quality videos to watch anywhere, anytime has never been that easier. Let me tell you how. A smartphone and a Wi-Fi is all you need to enjoy this portable approach to your usual movie watching.

Mobile apps have made lives lot easier. There is virtually an app todayfor almost anything you could think of.  A whole lot of incredible apps are out there on the roads, ShowBox being one of those highly sought after. ShowBox is an amazing entertainment app that could totally leave you mesmerised giving you an awesome movie watching experience. Not only it allows streaming of movies but also TV series and that too in extremely good HD quality. You no longer have to go to the theatres, can save much of your time and money. Download any movie of your choice without using torrents.


What makes ShowBox different from other apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime, you might think?

Well ShowBox is absolutely free. Yes, you don’t need to pay a penny to watch. Moreover, its veritable features and its authentic interface makes searching and streaming easier. With a huge database, ShowBox keeps on updating it with the latest movies.

Sounds exaggerating but ShowBox is truly one of the best video streaming apps providing you an experience like no other. Know why you should switch to ShowBox by going through its features below.

ShowBox app features

  • The amiable interface being neither very opulent nor too simple making it user friendly.
  • You don’t need to register or log in to use the app.
  • The awe-inspiring app does not demand any special technical knowledge to operate it.
  • Awesome visuals and amazing design.
  • Huge database of movies and TV series.
  • Careful and clean categorization of movies based on genres.
  • Easy downloading of your favourite movies and shows for later watching.
  • You can prefer order of movies according to your taste.
  • Choose a video quality compatible to your device or the Wi-Fi you are using.
  • You can also share downloaded movies with your friends in ShowBox.

In the modern era when the people are constantly trying to experiment “something new and better” in their Android phones with the help of Android applications, ShowBox has emerged as a true contender in the world of movie streaming apps.

The most striking features of ShowBox are elaborated below:

1)Free TV shows and movies on the ShowBox app

As mentioned above, ShowBox has a huge collection of movies and TV series to choose from. Desiring to watch The Ant Man, Minions, Age of Ultron, Avengers, Troy? Showbox has it all for you. You can also watch your cherished TV Shows right from The Walking Dead, Band of Brothers, Game of Thrones to Vampire Diaries. Amazingly you also get to find some old classics in ShowBox which you might not find even in Netflix, Kickass, Torrents. So when you feel like watching something as ‘The Fountain Head’, remember, ShowBox is there.

2)ShowBox app Video Quality

Video availability is not the sole concern, the quality of video obtainable is yet another aspect worth taking into regard. While some popular websites like Putlocker or Solar movie meets you with a lot of issues concerning run image or video quality, ShowBox does not disappoint you in this regard. Giving you full information about the searched video, you got to choose a quality as per your convenient bandwidth ranging from 360p to 720p.

3)How to use ShowBox?

Being neither sophisticated nor too simple, SHOWBOX’s interface will surely allure you. As you launch the app, you are directed to the movies section where you can carry on limitless scrolling, in case you are unable to figure out any specific movie to watch. It suitably has its various options placed with the menu button at the top and search button displayed from left to right. You can move to the TV SHOWS option, if your mind is craving to watch some TV series. If you desire to enjoy a movie some other day, bookmark it under the favourites section. Choose a movie, click on it and you find being directed to the movie graphic page where you can preferto download it or watch it right then. During your first time, you would be asked to decide on a default video app to enable your streaming. Be very careful in it. Because once you choose, all videos in future will be played by this video player only.

 Installing ShowBox on Android

Interestingly ShowBox app is not available in Google playstore. You need to get the .apk from other external sources.

  1. Firstly, change the settings in your Android cell phone as follows.

Go to Settings >Security > Unknown Sources.

  1. Then download the apk for ShowBox from the following link


  1. If the latest version doesn’t work sometimes the older version may work.


  1. After downloading it, install it in the usual procedure.

How to Fix Unfortunately Showbox has stopped

ShowBox app is also available for other platforms including

SHOWBOX is also available for Laptop, PC, iPhone,MacBook, Chromecast, Kindle Fire,Blackberry and Xbox too. So, the next time you get bored we hope that you have the ShowBox app for your handy use.