Author: Susan Watts

Youtube is a video-sharing social media platform. It enables to share videos about anything and everything – from trailers to movies to commercials to daily soaps to documentaries to recordings to personal video broadcasting. All this free of cost. You need log in with a google account to broadcast your own videos otherwise you can share files from other people’s channel. To broadcast a good quality video – one which is viable and garners a strong viewership, you need a credibility and skills. There are various websites showcasing how to generate a strong impact youtube video. is one such portal. It runs on a web server based in Houston, the United States of America. It empowers you to select view speed according to your convenience, that too without any additional charges.

Packages offered on this website

It has 3 packages to boost the credibility of your youtube videos. These packages targets the three key features of youtube videos – likes, views and comments. The youtube likes package comes at a price of 4$ per 100 likes. This comes with an instant start, 24/7 support system, 24/7 security monitoring and generation of maximum 200o likes per day without any drop. The youtube views package is priced at 2.5$ per 1000 views. The package constitutes of 80-100% retention, multiple referral system, 48hours delivery and 24/7 support system. It garners 10000 views per day. The youtube comments package costs 20$ per 100 comments. This package includes a clent panel, relevant comments, 24hours delivery and 24/7 support system. It has a daily capacity to generate 100 comments.


Reasons to use this portal

By using this portal you can buckle up the authenticity and credibility of your videos.Each package comes with its own merit.

Likes package

The likes package generate instant likes boosting your videos potential. They will start to garner within 24-48 hrs of purchasing the package. They are 100% authentic and comes from real people. One can also purchase it as a gift option for friends. Thereby, it not only adds to your video marketing but to your social interaction as well. This likes will continue to come at a regular pace. Thus, helping your video to climb up the charts of youtube and and google, making way for new viewers.

Views package

The views package is the perfect gateway for youtube marketing. Not only does it increase viewership but also it boost the no. of subscriptions for your channel. A substantial views indicate a mark of interest in the video and helps in attracting more people towards it. An increase of viewership raises the potential for actual authentic subscribers. This package has huge potential in terms of internet marketing and social credibility. It doesn’t let your video start with zero views. It results in automatic increase in organic views of the video and hence enhances online sales interactions.


Comments Package

This package enhances your market potential by social sharing. Comments in youtube videos leads to interaction amongst virtually active social media members. Thus, they increase capacity of sharing of information, in this case videos. Thereby increasing its outreach. This keeps the video relevant and boosts its youtube ranking. Thus, ensuring they come up in search engines look outs. This is an ultimate marketing strategy.

On the whole is the ultimate tool for youtube video marketing.


The first impression is known to be the best impression and one’s external appearance generally plays a pivotal role in determining the first impression of a person. In a world where looks are given a priority, it becomes essential to maintain a decent appearance. Of course, this has its own benefits too, such as boosting the confidence and self-esteem of the person flaunting the appearance. This is why there is never a dearth of customers for hairstylists and grooming experts. Same goes for various cosmetic and beauty products developed by the billion dollar cosmetic industry. While the usage of such products is upto the discretion of the customer, one sure shot way of transforming one’s look is a fresh haircut! Yes, something as simple as restyling one’s hair can go a long way in making someone look appealing and impressive. I will concentrate on one particular style, the Pompadour, which has not only proved itself to be classy but has also withstood the test of time.


Currently flaunted by hunks like David Beckham and Bruno Mars among many others, this style involves short side cuts and a dramatic high rise of hair at the top. Initially flaunted by women of the 1700s, it became a male trend after Elvis Presley revived it in 1950. Are you wondering how you can rock the look too? Here are a few tips:

  • Begin with clean, washed hair and use a water-based high-hold pomade to slick back the hair.
  • Use a blow dryer and set it to the right temperature.
  • Using a round brush, one must proceed along the hairline and brush the hair forward and up while blow drying simultaneously.
  • The front portion should ideally showcase more volume.
  • Finish the look with a touch of hairspray and pomade to maintain the look for a long duration.


Clearly, this look doesn’t need expensive trips to the hairstylist. So what is stopping you? Go ahead and give it a try! After all, a good hairstyle is the easiest trick to make that perfect first impression.


Face Time is a video chat application. Face Time could be used across a range of platforms. However, in reality, Face Time can be used only through apple products. Steve Jobs, CEO of apple, introduced Face Time. This video calling application is the best video calling app. This app also includes free messaging, file transfer, push notifications and audio/video calls. But Face Time for android is still not available. Android users can install other applications that work similar to Face Time. High quality resolution is offered by Face Time calls. This feature still serves as an alternative to Skype or Facebook Messenger.

For Face Time video calling, data charges may apply while using app over wireless network. Phone number or the email address of the person you are trying to call are required in order to use Face Time. Launching Face Time is not hard. Software is included with OS X Snow Leopard and later versions of OS. The process of activating Face Time is to just launch the software and to enter an Apple ID, password. Then after, just click create new account button. There are several ways to make a Face Time call. For iPad, iPod or Mac, person must be added as a contact before placing a call. Apple Support Center must be checked out on how to enable and use Face Time app. Previously, it supported 3G on iPhone, iPod, and iPad, but now it supports 4G calls on all networks.

For using Face Time on iPhone, users need to press Face Time button to activate. With the release of ios6, face time does not require a Wi-Fi connection. Approximately, for one minute of conversation, three megabytes of data is required. Face Time is now available for Windows users also. facetime for pc can be downloaded now. It is currently available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 users. To download Face Time for PC, just download the link and to install, click open or run. Then follow the instructions and later, save it.


Face Time scored 5 out of 7 points on the secure messaging score card. Some of the points are lost because users can’t verify contacts identities. Other alternative to Face Time is Hangouts. It is a Google’s service for which, Google ID is required. It may not work on each and every Android phone. Hangouts can also be installed on desktop including, Mac desktop. It supports conversations on multiple persons up to ten people. Voice calls can be made with free of cost to other hangouts. But, the only drawback of Hangouts is, occurring of bugs during calls. Next alternative is Viber, which is a text and audio messaging app. It has a best design. It can also be installed on desktop, but the focus is not clear. The major drawback of this app is, communication cannot be done with users outside the service provided by it. Messages cannot be sent to users who does not have Viber.


Movie watching can be a great pastime. With absolutely countless movies on the planet, you are the one to choose to watch anything you like. So thinking on how to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with nothing much to do? Or waiting for hours at the airport to catch a flight? Movies can be the perfect option then. Fetching quality videos to watch anywhere, anytime has never been that easier. Let me tell you how. A smartphone and a Wi-Fi is all you need to enjoy this portable approach to your usual movie watching.

Mobile apps have made lives lot easier. There is virtually an app todayfor almost anything you could think of.  A whole lot of incredible apps are out there on the roads, ShowBox being one of those highly sought after. ShowBox is an amazing entertainment app that could totally leave you mesmerised giving you an awesome movie watching experience. Not only it allows streaming of movies but also TV series and that too in extremely good HD quality. You no longer have to go to the theatres, can save much of your time and money. Download any movie of your choice without using torrents.


What makes ShowBox different from other apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime, you might think?

Well ShowBox is absolutely free. Yes, you don’t need to pay a penny to watch. Moreover, its veritable features and its authentic interface makes searching and streaming easier. With a huge database, ShowBox keeps on updating it with the latest movies.

Sounds exaggerating but ShowBox is truly one of the best video streaming apps providing you an experience like no other. Know why you should switch to ShowBox by going through its features below.

ShowBox app features

  • The amiable interface being neither very opulent nor too simple making it user friendly.
  • You don’t need to register or log in to use the app.
  • The awe-inspiring app does not demand any special technical knowledge to operate it.
  • Awesome visuals and amazing design.
  • Huge database of movies and TV series.
  • Careful and clean categorization of movies based on genres.
  • Easy downloading of your favourite movies and shows for later watching.
  • You can prefer order of movies according to your taste.
  • Choose a video quality compatible to your device or the Wi-Fi you are using.
  • You can also share downloaded movies with your friends in ShowBox.

In the modern era when the people are constantly trying to experiment “something new and better” in their Android phones with the help of Android applications, ShowBox has emerged as a true contender in the world of movie streaming apps.

The most striking features of ShowBox are elaborated below:

1)Free TV shows and movies on the ShowBox app

As mentioned above, ShowBox has a huge collection of movies and TV series to choose from. Desiring to watch The Ant Man, Minions, Age of Ultron, Avengers, Troy? Showbox has it all for you. You can also watch your cherished TV Shows right from The Walking Dead, Band of Brothers, Game of Thrones to Vampire Diaries. Amazingly you also get to find some old classics in ShowBox which you might not find even in Netflix, Kickass, Torrents. So when you feel like watching something as ‘The Fountain Head’, remember, ShowBox is there.

2)ShowBox app Video Quality

Video availability is not the sole concern, the quality of video obtainable is yet another aspect worth taking into regard. While some popular websites like Putlocker or Solar movie meets you with a lot of issues concerning run image or video quality, ShowBox does not disappoint you in this regard. Giving you full information about the searched video, you got to choose a quality as per your convenient bandwidth ranging from 360p to 720p.

3)How to use ShowBox?

Being neither sophisticated nor too simple, SHOWBOX’s interface will surely allure you. As you launch the app, you are directed to the movies section where you can carry on limitless scrolling, in case you are unable to figure out any specific movie to watch. It suitably has its various options placed with the menu button at the top and search button displayed from left to right. You can move to the TV SHOWS option, if your mind is craving to watch some TV series. If you desire to enjoy a movie some other day, bookmark it under the favourites section. Choose a movie, click on it and you find being directed to the movie graphic page where you can preferto download it or watch it right then. During your first time, you would be asked to decide on a default video app to enable your streaming. Be very careful in it. Because once you choose, all videos in future will be played by this video player only.

 Installing ShowBox on Android

Interestingly ShowBox app is not available in Google playstore. You need to get the .apk from other external sources.

  1. Firstly, change the settings in your Android cell phone as follows.

Go to Settings >Security > Unknown Sources.

  1. Then download the apk for ShowBox from the following link


  1. If the latest version doesn’t work sometimes the older version may work.


  1. After downloading it, install it in the usual procedure.

How to Fix Unfortunately Showbox has stopped

ShowBox app is also available for other platforms including

SHOWBOX is also available for Laptop, PC, iPhone,MacBook, Chromecast, Kindle Fire,Blackberry and Xbox too. So, the next time you get bored we hope that you have the ShowBox app for your handy use.


Hometown is America’s premier buffet restaurant which offers a delicious variety of foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts. It is a casual dining restaurant that serves a variety of American dishes which includes appetizers, prime rib, steaks, seafood and more. Apart from all these delicious food items, the restaurant also offers seasonal specialties and mouthwatering uniquely prepared desserts. They provide an incredibly varied and expansive menu for their customers. Not many restaurants offer so many varieties of food and so much food at such low prices.

Hometown buffet provides a very friendly environment to all the customers. Whether you are planning to go with your family, with a small group or with a large group, they make it easy by providing the facility of online reservations. Value for money is always a big factor when you are going out to eat and nothing offers as much value as one payment for limitless food.  This is one of the biggest reasons why Hometown Buffet Prices makes our list for great value. They offer several promotional offers to family and military personnel. They are a chain of restaurants and all the locations are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have around 168 locations throughout the US, and remain one of the most popular buffet restaurants on the market.

Lunch and dinner are the main meals that are served here. While during weekends, breakfast buffets are also available and that menu includes yummy food like bacon, eggs, pancakes, etc. The Hometown buffet prices are one of the best in the market, so people are always ready to go to hometown buffets to enjoy delicious meals.

Hometown buffet prices are pretty simple too. Through the entire week, prices of lunch and dinner remain almost same. There are even special deals for children of various age groups and for elder people which means money can be saved here also. The food provided are very cost efficient. Breakfast and lunch prices never exceed $10 and dinner price never exceeds $13. Since people who go there, they know how much they are going to spend approximately and if you know you are going to eat such delicious foods at such efficient rates, it becomes pretty clear why hometown buffet prices are considered as some of the best.

Hometown buffet prices are great for families, they have fantastic prices for kids and elder people, making them a fantastic destination for hungry families. Children under the age of 2 eat for free and they must be accompanied with and adults. For ages 2-3, it costs $2.49, ages 4-7 is $4.49, and for children aged 8-11, it costs $6.49. These are very economic rates considering the food and offers, along with the choice to eat as much as you can.


Hometown buffet hours generally start from 8.45 AM from Mondays to Thursdays and close at 8.30 PM while on Fridays, the buffet hours close at 9 PM. On Saturdays and Sundays, they have breakfast buffets, so they open at 8 AM and close their doors at 8.30 PM and 9 PM respectively.

If you want to have some mouthwatering fun and it should be within your budgets, then you must visit hometown buffets because their food are delicious and hometown buffet prices are very pocket friendly.


ipad-video-app-itunes-movie-trailersLife’s fast, and so is our time and work space. Smartphones and gadgets have become an innumerable part and parcel of our lives. Everything now, is just a tap away. Food, cafes, stuff to buy, rides to takes etc. everything is now just a small tap on out phone screens away from us. In this case why movies should still be stuck in that age old go to theatre and see era?
So now, here are all the movies too, just a tap away. MovieTube app is a pioneer in providing this effortless and hassle-free access to movies possible.

MovieTube app is now one of the best apps to watch movies and TV shows on. And the best part is, everything out here is absolutely free. This app offers a wide variety and choices in movies and TV shows thats one would like to watch. Almost all the latest movies are made available by the app for free to its users and that too they are presented in separate genres as well as according to the rating they get. This obviously makes it very much easier and convenient for the user and the other viewers to search for and decide on the movie they would like to see. And the best part is, all the movies are in HD!

This app is available not only for android users, but also for Mac and iOS. This app features more than 20 thousand HD movies and that too for FREE! The details of the movies are also listed with them. From Hollywood, to Bollywood, movies of all kinds are available. Even there is provision for the choice of language in which you want to see your movie. Almost 18 languages have been made available, out of the lot, a user can use any of the desired languages he wants to see his film in.


Hollywood, Bollywood, animated films, TV shows and what not! One can enjoy free streaming, that too in HD, of the shows or movies that he/she wants to see, and the fun part is, no registration is required for this streaming to be made available to the user. One can see a streaming as many times as he/ she wants to see. The MovieTube app is now, one of the most popular and heavily downloaded apps in its genre and has already been successful in carving niche for itself for providing best user service to its users. Users can see the movies, share about them over social media and other platforms and can even review or make comments too. Even there is a choice of selecting the desired resolution as the user wants to see.

Eventually, this app is a must if somebody has to boast about his/ her fast pacing life. Everything is just now a tap away like mentioned before. Now no more of standing in times for movie tickets at theatres… No more waiting for the repeat telecast of your favourite TV show…! Now watch your favourite TV show or movie anytime anywhere using this MovieTube app. After all, there is nothing better than FREE movies!!