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Yes, you heard it right! You need not obsess over catching your favourite program when it’s aired, anymore. You need not drop all your important work hanging as soon as your dearest soap opera comes on, anymore. All the relevant people apparently heard about your woes and have come together to keep you as pumped up as ever about your special Pinoy TV shows.


Pinoy Tambayan has long been the source of some quality family entertainment for all the Filipinos in every nook and corner of the world. It brings to the viewer drama, action, love, romance, thrillers, news, documentaries, information and what not! And to make it even better, the soap operas it telecasts seem so realistic and relatable that every Filipino basically gets enchanted and addicted after watching just a single episode.

The shows it broadcasts are mostly Philippines based only and therefore even more desired by the OFWs (or Overseas Filipino Workers).  Pinoy offers the Filipino scatterings a way to get in touch with their homeland, its cultures, traditions, values and way of life. It helps the Filipino diaspora shake off that brutal homesickness while providing them some stellar television entertainment.

GMA Network, short for Global Media Arts, and TV 5 are the two most publicly praised and celebrated Philippines based commercial television networks with a few of their stations catering to the Overseas Philippines population. They broadcast all the most watched and liked Pinoy TV shows on their stations like GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Life TV, GMA News TV International and Kapatid TV 5.

24 oras

Tambayan, which is a Filipino word for ‘a place for hanging out’, is a website that allows all the busy Philippines based folk and OFWs a chance to watch their best-loved Pinoy TV shows whenever the mood strikes or whenever they are comfortable. It posts recordings and videos of the TV shows broadcasted on the GMA Network and TV 5 so that its viewers can watch their shows online as per their convenience.  Tambayan offers its watchers the following advantages:

  • The videos are free to watch.
  • One just gotta have a device and a good speed, stable internet connection.
  • The quality is excellent, grades better than what is offered on other websites like You Tube.
  • It is, in fact, popularly the best considered website to watch Pinoy shows.


Tango once again has a new model for its long list of strollers. The Tango Smart double stroller is the latest model predecessor to the Tango Escape launched just months earlier. The latter is known for its maneuverability and the Tango Smart double stroller still got this feature and can even be better. You can easily turn left and right with this stroller despite having the babies’ weight inside it and even get through obstacles such as humps with ease.tango-smart Tango Smart Double Stroller’s Features

The best asset of the Tango Smart double stroller is that it never sacrificed the comfort of the kids in the stroller despite doubling its passenger capacity. The kids are locked inside the stroller through safety belts but they are still free to turn left and right and not seem too cramped up while being inside the stroller. The material used as cushion also has foams that will lessen the pressure of impact whenever the stroller passes through tough terrains and rough floor surfaces.tango-smart_large

The Tango Smart double stroller is lightweight which is why it is easy to maneuver with it even if you have two babies riding with it. Aside from its weight, it also very stylish and comes in different colors that you can choose from. The aesthetics aspect of products is never overlooked by Tango and it is quite clear that they also give efforts towards the style without losing its focus on the true purpose of the product and its functionality.

This stroller can be fully reclined and can be folded in order to fit on the car seat. The full-reclining ability makes the stroller more versatile so that it can easily be carried around or be loaded on the car trunk without consuming too much space. It also helps in terms of passing through narrow alleys and smaller doors.

The extras that come with the stroller such as the bells and whistles are nothing new that we haven’t seen from Tango yet. They are all standard and generic but they will already serve their purpose well. The bell can help entertain the child through the sounds it make while the whistle will serve as the stroller’s horn to announce to others passage.

The Verdict

The Tango Smart double stroller is user-friendly much like its simpler predecessor which is the Tango Escape. The looks of it may be complex but it is so easy to deploy, use and maneuver even with two kids riding on it. The features are also bolstered except for the extras wherein I think Tango could have done better. The style aspect is also a 9 or 10 for me since the stroller itself can be considered stylish even with just its basic structure when assembled for function.

For more reviews such as this on your prospect products out there, visit in order to have an idea of the product that you are planning to buy before shelling out any money for it. This is a smart way of getting feedbacks and opinions without being able to try the product first hand.


More than just a daily activity, cooking has become an art and even a profession with vast scope all over the world. Women in the house are more fascinated about the different cooking techniques used in different corners of the world. Their growing concern about health and fitness, has also made them conscious about cooking healthy, yet tasty food. This has given rise to the use of modern kitchen appliances.

Information about new upcoming or newly launched appliances is made available on various websites or blogs on the internet. One such most popular blog is “The freshome”. This blog gives us the info when a new appliance is launched in the market.

One of the fitness concerning appliance which is gaining popularity is the air fryer. The best info about airfryer can be obtained from ‘the freshome’ blog.


How is air fryer different from the normal deep fryer?

Air fryer is such a cooking appliance that uses 80% less oil and still gives you that crunchy and yummy taste of our french fries, tikkas or your delicious fried chicken. This equipment circulates hot air inside it all around the food and cooks it well from all the sides evenly without using much oil. It heats air up to 200 celsius.

According to the freshome, both, deep fryers and air fryers have a similar external look with similar control panels and temperature adjustment and timer knobs.

The major difference is the absence of oil tank in the air fryer which is present in the deep fryers, to pour in oil. Thus air fryer is a healthy alternative of cooking fried dishes. Sometimes you need to brush up your recipe with a dash of oil before putting in the air fryer, but this quantity of oil used is far more less than that used in the deep fryer.

Info about different air fryers given by ‘The freshome’

The freshome founded by Micle Mihai Cristian in 2007,  is one of the top most online magazine referred by more than 3.5 millions of readers all over the world. It keeps you updated about all the latest equipments, appliances, designs related to interior decor, architectural designs, kitchen and household.

Freshome has given detailed info about different companies or brands coming up with air fryers, and their price, capacity and functioning.


Freshome has provided details about air fryer models i.e Philips HD9230/26, philips HD 9220/26, T- fal FZ7002, Avalon Bay AB – airfryer 100B.

According to the freshome the best air fryer, if you are not much concerned about the price , then its the Philiphs HD 9230/26.

One, difficulty in cooking with air fryer is because of its small size and capacity in comparison with the deep fryers. While cooking in large quantity, you will have to cook it in parts. But if health is your first priority then you will find this appliance the most efficient one. This difficulty is any time much better than your heavy workouts and eating tasteless food or starving.

Eat healthy, stay healthy.

Home Improvement

Our beloved ones are always near to us when they are in this huge world and they go far off in the skylines of heaven then too they remain in close proximity of our hearts. When a loved one is passed way, it is indeed hard to maintain the composure and keep calmness in both our minds and souls. It is always appreciated and suggested to say goodbye by organizing funeral services cautiously keeping in mind the advocacies of the concerned individual. To atleast restrict the feeling of helplessness and keep the proceedings as desired is important. The deceased should rest in peace and for the same to happen the funeral proceedings should be organized keeping in mind the specific religious services and traditions of the same.070513ropmarkkrausekrausefuneralhome02 750

Funeral services are organized by professional experienced funeral directors as they are well acquainted with the religious beliefs and customs of the people and organize the same consequently. Keeping the elements of knowledge and facilities in mind, the funeral Singapore are indeed one of the best in the town that make the goodbyes worth it with all the aspects in the regulatory method.10896289_336617886521884_5719203627529986013_o

What should be considered during the planning of the funeral services?

  • First and foremost, it is very essential to keep in mind the desires of the family members in mind as they have experienced a loss that cannot be recovered soon or may be till a lifetime.
  • The funeral home needs to be chosen cautiously as one needs to keep in mind that the deceased has to stay in that specific place before the act of burial or the cremation. Hence it is important to take a pick of a serene place that is hygienic and takes the cleanliness factor in consideration.
  • There should be enough space to accommodate the relatives and the friends who will certainly arrive at the lace to pay their valuable final respects for the demise. The furniture should also be placed accordingly and all the elements should be arranged before time and on place.
  • The immediate family members of the deceased should be given the place as per their liking ad preference and there should not be any alleviation in their grief and any other elements that amplify their pain immensely.
  • There is diverse range to be offered at the funeral services Singapore and indeed to select the best one, it would be better to ask for references who have had the experiences and do some research personally.
  • It is very necessary to adhere to the traditional methods and the customs of the family as these are the final goodbyes and the Almighty should be always worshipped in times of sadness and happiness. So, whatever may be the religion or the customs, the services in the funeral home should be provisioned accordingly.

The loss of a close one is very painful; it is never easy and convenient to cope up with the situation. Therefore, to select a funeral director that is well equipped with his job is significant.


When it comes to weight loss, you would obviously want it to come efficiently and without fail. Especially with the bikini season starting to kick in! This means you’ll be looking for good weight loss programs or tips on how to lose weight quickly. Unfortunately, you may be introduced to programs and tips that aren’t great for your health, such as fasting while doing intense exercises. And you definitely wouldn’t want to do those things, as they may end up with you feeling sick and right in the hospital, which is a place you don’t want to be in for the summer. So if you are looking for the ultimate bikini body guide, then you can go to Kayla Itsines instead. Kayla-Itsines

Who is Kayla Itsines?

Kayla Itsines is a fitness coach that has reached fitness gals by storm with her popular bikini body guide, free workouts and recipes you can find online and right in the comforts of your own home. Her meal plans and workout routines are simple and easy to do, not requiring much money or equipment! Plus, it can be done by beginner to advanced fitness buffs alike.

In Conclusion

Interested in trying Kayla Itsines’ bikini body guide? You can check out all of Kayla Itsines reviews through her website and other articles made by real women who have tried her program. You’ll definitely get tons of positive responses that have you scrambling to check her out and start your fitness journey. You can even go for a free trial before paying anything! With KayleItsines and her healthy weight loss program, you’ll definitely have the bikini body you’ve always dreamed of in time for that beach trip. So what are you waiting for? Check out the bikini body guide and see the results for yourself.

Health and Fitness

Have you ever wondered the amazing work a bikini body guide can do to help you achieve that dream body you’ve always wanted?

There are a huge amount of Kayla Itsines review about Kayla Itsines guides,so this specific article is about narrowing them down. To start with, Kayla Itsines is a confirmed fitness coach in Australia, and she is actually getting the limelight in this kind of field she’s been working into for several years now.images_q=tbn_ANd9GcREN2t_jfdf99010H_qQ_3Gbz4CUKOnjNywVWN4RaVI2pAFXpkcww

This Kayla Itsines will not let you begin with a starvation eating regimen or activities which would be incomprehensible for you to handle toward the starting; It will instead give you precise headings on what to do and what to eat, since all of us are usually bad at “mystery.” Again, the Kayla Itsines Bikini Guide fit those criteria in light of the fact that the system began gradually and assembled one at a time and will set up totally regulated.

Kayla’s BBG workout guide (BBG 1.0) covers a 12-week time span, and she likewise offers a followup exercise manual for be utilized after that (BBG 2.0; week 12 – 24) with significantly additionally difficult workouts. These things will help you with your journey to that dream body! Each Kayla Itsines digital book arrives in a simple to-download Kayla Itsines PDF computerized arrange so you get all of them directly after the buy, with no holding up. There are a sum of 279 pages for the Bikini Body Bundle and 199 pages for the BBG 2.0, pressed with data.images_q=tbn_ANd9GcSU9BBpydYdUUHJzUyxY9CTuKUdKtaitYhXotYd-Li7sQRA8BkA

The Kayla Itsines workouts are basic (and generally short) repeats of schedules you’ve seen depicted for a considerable length of time; you’ve most likely attempted them yourself at some time, without getting much advantage. These are generally depicted as “imaginative” projects.

It offers a support to practice as long and as hard as you can, with no conceivable pattern to the real workouts and with no consideration paid to the way a body will respond to that sort of extraordinary activity. These are normally portrayed as “motivational” projects.

No matter what your body needs, the Kayla Itsines guide will help you achieve that body goal you’ve always wanted to have!

Health and Fitness

If you want to make a fast house sale, you might be thinking of using a fast house sale company. Most of them ask if they can buy your house in less than 7 days at a less rate them resell it later. With such companies, their concerns which are arising that, homeowners might be diverted and in the process, lose out on their property. It is important to know about these companies before you think of approaching them for a fast house sale.

Times have been really tough in the property market for quite a long time. The property value keeps on falling making it tough for some property owners to remortgage their property with a better interest rate, making monthly payments to go up. These and many more, is what makes some people to seek the services of a fast house sale company doing it for them.  Most of them are in negative equity, which means even if they sell their property, they will still need to top up in order to pay off their mortgage. The economy also has had its toll on families with a rise in divorces and separations, thus arise also in the need for quick disposal of property. This has led to the increase in the fast house sale companies.

What are Fast House Sale Companies?

These are companies which either decide to buy your house at a discounted rate from the market value and resell it later, or they look for a third party to buy your house after they pay the agreed amount o you. This makes the selling process easy. They are not new in the market as they have been around for quite a while. The offer of the quick sale they offer is tempting, especially if you desperately need to dispose of the house.


Why Sale Your House Using Fast House Sale Companies

Fast house sale companies are the best when it comes to providing an important service for those who own homes and  want to make a quick sale. They are valuable when it comes to:

  • A time when you want to do a fast move due health or age related reasons
  • Avoiding clear debts, repossession, or any sort of financial problems
  • Relocating due to change of job or when emigrating
  • Disposing of inherited property

Disadvantages of Using Fast House Sale Company

  • Some of the companies have contracts which tie the homeowners in thus preventing them from selling their property to any other person.
  • Some fast house sale companies make valuations which are not accurate.
  • Most of the companies don’t have clear fee structures tabled to the customers. They don’t tell you the actual price they are going to pay you when they advertise
  • Some companies, after agreeing to buy the house, change the price at the last minute, making the clients to be frustrated on what to do. What is true is that, they are offering to buy your property quickly and for cash, but know that, they are not offering to buy it at its market value


Before you decide to go the fast house sale way, make sure that you go through some of the reviews given by people who used the specific company you want to use. Check out if the clients were happy at the end of the day or they ended up being disappointed. Compare and contrast. Use several property evaluators so that at least you have a clear picture of the actual value of your property.

Fast House Sale And For Real Value

This can be done by you lowering the price of your house and going low on your expectation of what the selling price should be. If you approach a reputable sales agent (this should be after going through reviews online), burden them with this task. Let them sell the house for you using the buyer friendly price tactic. It has worked for many and it will definitely work for you. They will advertise the property widely and it will be sold at a record time.  You don’t have to sell your property for below market value, be wise and get first things first: you can decide to get a second opinion from an old time friend who did sale a property and has the experience.

Real Estate

There are a number of vape stores that have opened up in various parts of the world. While most people believe that vaping can’t help you get rid of the habit of smoking, they’re wrong. The truth is vaping can eventually curb the craving for actual cigarettes and this is one of the main reasons a trip to the vape store can benefit you.images_q=tbn_ANd9GcQQ8YQte4WtUgj6LHspmAZQheCfloPBEz1fBokk32aCCuvpHNiMUw It’s not going to happen overnight and if that’s what you’re expecting from vaping; then you need to reconsider. Smoking is a habit and it takes a while to give it up. The reason the demand for vape stores are increasing is because vaping helps you control the urge to smoke an actual cigarette and this makes it easier for you to give up the actual thing.

There are a number of vape stores you will find, but it is essential to check the quality of products they are selling. The better the quality, the easier to use and this makes you more comfortable with the idea of vaping. Remember, when you’re at a vape store you need to look for a device that will last you long and is convenient and easy to use, don’t just opt in for a brand because it is cheap.


Calculate the amount you spend on cigarettes a day and compare it to the price on an e-cigarette. You will not find it that expensive anymore. Most importantly, vaping is a lot safer than smoking which means you can use it for a long time until you are confident enough to give it up without causing any harm to your body whatsoever. Once you get used to vaping, you won’t feel the need to smoke an actual cigarette ever again and this is one of the main reasons you should visit the vape store today.


Wherever we go or at any part of our life we will find needs will be there. Member of the family believe that they require more cash to assist them or for some sort of requirement. There are needs in the job, needs and pressures in society. When we get a news feed asking for contributions, there are even needs on Facebook. Our own physiques have requirements and needs of consuming an appropriate diet, spending quality time working out and getting appropriate rest. All the while we’re questioning where to find knowledge in the best ways to react to each circumstance and requirement.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAMWAAAAJDhmZDRkZjkzLTY5ZjQtNDc0Ny05MWU4LWYwNTdhNWNjZDE3Yw

With all the needs it can be an obstacle to knowing where to find knowledge. All of us get the exact same 24 hours in a day, and while some might be born into rich households or extremely smart households, all of us begin our lives with definitely nothing in our hands and no understanding or knowledge. Why does it appear that some have all the responses and success at finding knowledge while others appear to stumble and have a hard time throughout their lives?

Where one can find the Wisdom

Today there are numerous locations where individuals rely to find knowledge and their way. Just recently a member of the family of mine lost his way and wound up in some quite serious health circumstances and healthcare facilities. Doctors sent out psychologists and physical therapists to talk with him. He has refered to outpatient centres, inpatient centres. His medical doctor informed him he had to look for assistance. Individuals visited him to reveal their issue. Because all they had to provide was just their viewpoints, and he turned everybody away, specifying that he didn’t believe what they had to provide would assist him. He remained in his pit of the problem not knowing how to get out. Where can somebody like that rely on find حكمة?The-wisdom-of-the-Just

A few of us have been dealing with circumstances that have to alter. We have hoped, attempted to believe, admitted the pledges, rebuked the devil, fasted, wept and all however quit at some time. We attempted everything we knew. We had discoveries from God, and we understand numerous aspects of the bible. For all, we know some things simply do not alter. You see we are not to simply have a spirit of discovery so that we can know fact, we are to have a spirit of knowledge so we can use reality. That is for sure when we follow the knowledge the Spirit provides for the things we are facing we will see the modification.


Everything in this world has a price; if it is free then either it doesn’t exist or it is illegal. We stream movies, videos and music every day. In the back of our minds we know that we should have paid for them. Think about it, if you were to pay for every single file that you streamed and downloaded, how buried in debt would you be?


So is streaming against the law? When you download some or any part of content, then it’s considered an act against the law. Another is when the media file is show to a moderate crow crowd outside the family. Not counting these two cases, every other streaming is considered legal. But if you upload files and media, which you do now own, on the internet for others to use, then it is definitely illegal.

Quick overview, Kinox is the top streaming site in Germany and one of the most visited website in the whole of Europe. They provide links to videos, films and TV series for free. You don’t have to pay, create an account or share any personal information – just watch to your heart’s content.


Cases of Kinox

A few years back, German police raided the operation center of Kinox, the biggest streaming site in Germany. The German police got a hold of the former operator of Kinox. The said operator was sadly sentenced to a total of three years and four months inside prison just for the mere involvement with Kinox.

The raid of Kinox was just a small part of the massive investigation of German police concerning local piracy. Despite their massive efforts, Kinox remained strong, standing and is still currently an ongoing operation. As far as the former administrator’s is concerned, he must pay roughly about 20,420 Euros in addition to his prison sentence; the fine was for the profits he earned in Kinox.

Judgment of Two Different Countries


In Europe we have (CJEU), Courty of Justice of the European Union. CJEU considers looking at online content, whether copyrighted or otherwise, as perfectly legal in all aspects.


Let’s take “The Pirate Bay Litigation” as an example. This litigation occurred in Swedish court back in April 17, 2009; this litigation involved The Pirate Bay website, the Swedish Court and the four men who operated the said website, which was for sued for copyright infringement.

For those who are not familiar with The Pirate Bay, let have a short summary. The said website was established way back in 2003, it was established by a Sweden anti-copyright organization called Piratbyran. They don’t upload files directly on their website; they simply host the links for the files.

Though the administrators did not directly break the law, as we said they only hosted the links and not the media files themselves. Still they were sentenced as if they had completely broken the law. In the end, the ruling or the Swedish court prevailed: they imposed 30 million crown, around $3,600,000 with an additional one year in prison for all for defendants.

Bottom line

Watching and streaming files online can’t really be considered illegal. If you do want to watch on Kinox, then that’s just fine. A great thing the administrators do for the viewers is NOT save data, you basically leave zero traces on their website. You are not the only one who streams media on Kinox. Millions, and I mean literally millions, of people got there every day. You can also do additional research with regards to the website’s additional history and current traffic. Bottom line is, the choice is up to you.