Air Fryer – Healthy Option For Tastier Food

More than just a daily activity, cooking has become an art and even a profession with vast scope all over the world. Women in the house are more fascinated about the different cooking techniques used in different corners of the world. Their growing concern about health and fitness, has also made them conscious about cooking healthy, yet tasty food. This has given rise to the use of modern kitchen appliances.

Information about new upcoming or newly launched appliances is made available on various websites or blogs on the internet. One such most popular blog is “The freshome”. This blog gives us the info when a new appliance is launched in the market.

One of the fitness concerning appliance which is gaining popularity is the air fryer. The best info about airfryer can be obtained from ‘the freshome’ blog.


How is air fryer different from the normal deep fryer?

Air fryer is such a cooking appliance that uses 80% less oil and still gives you that crunchy and yummy taste of our french fries, tikkas or your delicious fried chicken. This equipment circulates hot air inside it all around the food and cooks it well from all the sides evenly without using much oil. It heats air up to 200 celsius.

According to the freshome, both, deep fryers and air fryers have a similar external look with similar control panels and temperature adjustment and timer knobs.

The major difference is the absence of oil tank in the air fryer which is present in the deep fryers, to pour in oil. Thus air fryer is a healthy alternative of cooking fried dishes. Sometimes you need to brush up your recipe with a dash of oil before putting in the air fryer, but this quantity of oil used is far more less than that used in the deep fryer.

Info about different air fryers given by ‘The freshome’

The freshome founded by Micle Mihai Cristian in 2007,  is one of the top most online magazine referred by more than 3.5 millions of readers all over the world. It keeps you updated about all the latest equipments, appliances, designs related to interior decor, architectural designs, kitchen and household.

Freshome has given detailed info about different companies or brands coming up with air fryers, and their price, capacity and functioning.


Freshome has provided details about air fryer models i.e Philips HD9230/26, philips HD 9220/26, T- fal FZ7002, Avalon Bay AB – airfryer 100B.

According to the freshome the best air fryer, if you are not much concerned about the price , then its the Philiphs HD 9230/26.

One, difficulty in cooking with air fryer is because of its small size and capacity in comparison with the deep fryers. While cooking in large quantity, you will have to cook it in parts. But if health is your first priority then you will find this appliance the most efficient one. This difficulty is any time much better than your heavy workouts and eating tasteless food or starving.

Eat healthy, stay healthy.

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